Monuments of Residential Architecture

Dwelling House with Columned Porch, 19th Century (cultural heritage building of the Republic’s significance)

Built to a standard design for district towns in the mid-19th century, this house with columns represents the only well-preserved specimen of the rich wooden civil architecture of Sviyazhsk of that time. According to some sources, it was here where the headquarters of the 5th army of the Eastern Front was located in 1918. Long-term residents say that Lev Trotsky, Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, stayed here, having thrust its previous owners out of the house. At present, the investor helps to move three families from the house to a new comfortable one. After that, an integrated restoration of the house will be started with the purpose to establish the Civil War Museum in it.

The House of Timofeyev - Terentyev - Brovkin – the Dyachkovs, late 19th century (cultural heritage building of the Republic’s significance)

This house is a specimen of the housing architecture of the late 19th century. It represents a two-storeyed building made of bricks and wood. The basement floor exists under just a certain portion of the building. One can get to the basement floor through the gate on the side of the lateral façade. Preserved in this part of the house is the floor made of bricks (book-matched) and the flat-arch vault. The second floor represents a log-house covered by planks and decorated by wooden carved elements. It is situated in the central part of the building. In the course of the study of the monument it was revealed that there was a balcony on the second floor or an independent entrance from the second floor to the street. Preserved nowadays is only the southern wing of the house, while the northern one was lost completely. The work was done to open up the preserved foundations in the northern part, which helped establish the original dimensions of the building and the location of the bearing walls. This information was used to develop a design of the restoration and reconstruction of the monument. Owing to recollections of citizens of Sviyazhsk, the researchers learned that the house belonged to a respectable merchant family of the Kamenevs.

The surnames of Timofeyev, Terentyev, Brovkin, and so on proved to be the surnames of their neighbours and people who lived in it at different times after the nationalisation. The historical archival research and field observation helped establish that there was a mill near the household. In 2012, the work was done to reinforce and waterproof the foundations, inject the cracks, reinforce the walls, restore the brickwork and masonwork of the walls, dismantle the wooden cover of the walls on the second floor, replace the lower destructive tops of the log-house. In 2013, the work was continued for the restoration of the wooden window and door assemblies, the carved trimmers and cornices. Currently underway is the work for the reconstruction of the stone elements of the mansion house: arrangement of the foundations, erection of the brick walls. The repair, restoration and reconstruction work is being done within the implementation of an integrated project.

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