The Northern Mausoleum

The Northern Mausoleum (the Monastery Cellar) is situated opposite the main façade of the Cathedral Mosque. The white-stone shrine of the 14th century is well known from the historical sources from the 18th century. Identical in its lay-out, it differed from the Eastern Mausoleum with a larger size and certain elements: it is dumpier, has a long foundation of the portal, the resonators are arranged not as pipes but as three-dimensional vessels. What remained of the original building is the foundation, the inner part of the walls with finishing, resonators, the lancet-arched shapes of the doorway and window openings, the corner chamfers of passages from the foundation to the octagonal piece and the round foundation of the cupola, and the remains of the projecting portal. The mausoleum was studied through archaeological excavations in 1964 and 1966. The main conservation and restoration work was done in the early 70s of the 20th century. In 2011 – 2012, the repair and restoration work was done to restore the exterior of the monument. The concrete protecting plate and the metal columns were removed, and the outer masonwork of the cupola was reinforced. Also done was the work for the treatment of inner and outer walls with special solutions, and the impregnation of the foundation. Inside the Mausoleum, there has been established a lapidarium, and the exposition dedicated to the Bolgar epigraphy was organised with the use of multimedia means: an exhibition of the Bolgar epigraphy of the 8th – 14th centuries. The epitaphs displayed here were collected from the entire territory of Bolgar, certain plates were found in the course of the reconstruction of the Assumption church. The standard elegant style of decoration of the epitaphs testifies to the high mastery of the Bolgar stone carvers. The information about the exhibits of the lapidarium is contained in the information terminal installed here. The lighting system was installed.
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