Complex of Buildings of Public Offices (Sviyazhsk Museum)

The complex, built on the basis of a standard design in the early 19th century, is a specimen of an excellently preserved monument of civil architecture. After it was completed, it housed various public offices and the treasury. Three buildings in the yard formed a prison complex. At the Soviet period, all four buildings were occupied by prison of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, which saw many outstanding personalities of culture of Russia and Tataria. When the prison was closed, the buildings were used, until the early 2000s, the Republic’s correctional boarding school. Considering the fact that capital repairs of the buildings were not carried out over the entire 20th century, their state at the beginning of the restoration was poor. The efforts taken by the investor helped bring their state in conformity with applicable standards. A gas boiler house was arranged; a large scope of work was done in respect of all elements of the buildings’ structures. At present, the building is used as a complex of the museum of history of Sviyazhsk “GBUK State Historical, Architectural, and Art Museum “Island Town of Sviyazhsk”. Currently underway is the creation of the permanent exposition of the museum. The museum holds various exhibitions dedicated to history of Sviyazhsk. Apart from exhibitions, the museum regularly holds interesting events, festivals, performances by theatrical and musical bands, and concerts. Traditionally interesting for tourists and citizens of the town is the folk festival called “The Sviyazhsk Maslenitsa Festival” with pancakes, tea, and folk entertainments.

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