Logo of the Republican Foundation for the Renaissance of Historical and Cultural Monuments

The logo is inscribed in a laconic form of an arrow-headed arch in order to indicate that the Foundation is operational in the region, the Republic of Tatarstan, with oriental traditions. At the same time it is a shield, the most widespread heraldic image.

 In this frame there are two mirror-symmetrical arrow-headed arches with the inner outline of the left one being in the form of a triangular referring to the end of the cupola of the Northern Mausoleum in Bulgar and symbolizing the monuments of history and Islamic culture. The right arch has the form a circle referring to the cupolas of Orthodox Christian churches and particularly the Cathedral of the Mother of God of Consolation of All the Afflicted in Sviyazhsk.

 In the openings of these small arches there are contours of two palms holding a tulip, made in the traditional manner of Tatar ornament. In this case, the flower symbolizes the memory of peoples of our republic, embodied in the historical and cultural monuments needing protection and looking forward for the revival. The flower goes through an open book indicating that the revival of historical and cultural monuments is based on a thorough examination of historical data; the vertical line passing through the axis of the flower speaks about the consistent progress in the cause of conservation and restoration of monuments. 

 The name of the Foundation ‘Renaissance’ is printed in two languages, Russian and Tatar, in oriental and old Russian styles under the small arches. The logo is based on the symmetry of the two halves that reflects the concept of the balance of two cultures and faiths actually existing in our republic and to be continued through the endeavors of the Renaissance Foundation.

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