The Smaller Minaret

Built in the second half of the 14th century, the Smaller Minaret is mentioned in the historical sources starting from 1712. It represents a stone volume that is 16 metres high. The arched entrance and the ornamental niche have a rich decoration made in the fine stone carving technique. The traces of the decoration are also found at the upper roundabout gallery, to which leads the stone winding stairs. The minaret got its name of the Smaller Minaret from the fact that it is smaller than the minaret that was located in the central part of the site. This place is much respected by the Muslims. The Muslim Tatars have a tradition to visit the ancient minaret and the mosque of Bolgar to carry out the memorial service in the memory of the deceased. In 2010, a memorandum was signed about the participation of the Zenith Bank Group in the reconstruction and proper maintenance of the monuments of history and culture of the ancient town of Bolgar and the island-town of Sviyazhsk in the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2011, the bank provided funds to restore the Smaller Minaret: the repair and restoration work was done, as well as the conservation work to clean and reinforce the walls; the cupola was covered by brass panels. The entrance section of the monument was reconstructed: the stone stairs was installed, and the fragment of the decorative framing of the entrance portal was reconstructed.

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