Captain’s Well

Located in the north-eastern part of the Bolgar site, at the estuary of the Jerusalem ravine, is the Captain’s Well. The well was named in honour of N.P. Rychkov, an explorer of the region, who lived in the 18th century. The Tatar population calls the well “Gabdrakhman sakhabe koyesy” and links it to the coming of one of the followers of Prophet Mohammed to the land of Bolgar. The legend runs that the healing water of this well, which appeared in the place where the stick of sahib Gabdrakhman touched the ground, helped the khan’s daughter to recover from illness. After the miraculous recovery of the princess, the khan and his servitors adopted Islam. This legend was born on the basis of the events described in the notebook of an Arabic-speaking merchant from Grenada, Hamid al-Garnati, who visited the Volga Boulgaria in 1135 and read the book written by Yakub ibn Nougman, a Boulgar qadi (judge) and historian of the 11th – 12th centuries. Another name of this well, the Captain’s Well, is connected with the name of the Russian traveller and geographer Nikolay Rychkov (1746 - 1784), who took part in the expedition of the Petersburg Academy of sciences headed by Peter Simon Pallas. In 1769, Captain Rychkov explored the rampart and the area adjoining the well. The bog iron ore was found here, as well as saltpetre, which is required for gunpowder production. The reconstruction and improvement of the territory of the complex were performed by design developed by GUP Tatinvestgrazhdanproyekt. 

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