Ioanno-Predtechensky (John the Forerunner) Monastery

The Sviyazhsk Ioanno-Predtechensky (John the Forerunner) Monastery is an ancient monastery of the Kazan eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. Before the revolution, it was a nunnery, but nowadays it is a metochion of the men’s Sviyazhsk Uspensky (Assumption) Monastery. It was established in the late 16th century (the exact date is unknown). The monastery reached the peak of its prosperity by the early 20th century. It had up to 400 nuns and novices. It was the second largest nunnery of the eparchy after the Kazan Bogoroditsky (Theotokos) Monastery. The monastery was closed in 1919. At the Soviet period, all temples belonged to the Sviyazhsk historical and architectural museum reserve. Nowadays, 2 out of 3 temples (except for the Troitskaya (Trinity) one) were transferred to the Uspensky (Assumption) Monastery: the Troitskaya (Trinity) church; the Sergiyevskaya (St. Sergius) stone church; the Cathedral of Joy of All Who Sorrow.

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