The Eastern Chamber

The Eastern Chamber, which is sometimes called the Khan’s Bath, represents the ruins of the town bath. The brick and stone building of the 13th century is known from historical sources from the 18th century. The inner lay-out of the premises can be traced, as well as the remains of the engineering utilities (under-floor heating system, vents, water-supply and sewage systems), which resemble, in general, the design of the Red and, especially, of the White Chambers. It is believed that they are the remains of the largest and the earliest bath in Bolgar.

The chamber was studied through archaeological excavations in 1983 – 1993. The analysis of the numismatic material obtained in the course of cleaning the premises made it possible to correct the time of its building and use. It was established that it was intensively used as early as in the early 90s of the 13th century and existed until the 30–40s of the 14th century. The conservation and restoration work was done here at the late 1990s and in 2011 - 2012. The conservation masonwork of the walls was restored with the use of sawn stone. The lost corner blocks were restored, as well as the floors made of plinthiform bricks and white stone in the under-cupola space of the building; the heating ducts were reconstructed.

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