Monuments of Civil Architecture

The building of the district vocational school of the 18th – 19th centuries, the building of the parochial school of the late 19th – early 20th centuries, the house of the Court Counsellor Krylov

Built in the late 18th century, reconstructed in 1834 by the design developed by Gartman, an architect from St. Petersburg. A massive brick one-storeyed building, having a square in its lay-out, covered by the hip roof, with almost no decorations. The space of the mezzanine was lost. The main façade faces the Troitskaya Street. Monument of architecture built in the traditions of Classicism. From 1818, it housed the Sviyazhsk district and parochial vocational schools. Later it housed the municipal vocational school and several levels of the gymnasium. At the end of the 1920s, the house accommodated the exhibition of the Sviyazhsk branch of the Society for Studies of Tatarstan. Later on, the building was a dwelling house. Nowadays, it is no longer used for residential purposes. The repair, restoration, and reconstruction work will be performed in the house within the integrated project, following which it will accommodate the Centre for Integrated Restoration Studies.

The complex of buildings of the territorial hospital of the 70s of the 19th century

The path that lead patients of this building had never been forgotten: local doctors were famous far beyond the borders of the district. Until mid-20th century, it was used to treat patients arriving from the entire Volga Region. When a prison was established on the island, it began to be used for prisoners. In the 50s, the hospital was converted into a dwelling house. The wards became flats. At present, the building is not used for residential purposes. Currently underway within the integrated programme is the repair and restoration work for further modern use.

Complex of Buildings of Vocational School and Fire Serviceguard Carts

The complex is located in the very centre of Sviyazhsk, on the Rozhdestvenskaya (Christmas) Square. It was built in two stages: in the 1870s and in the early 20th century. Its architectural style is eclectic with decorative elements of the classical trend. In 1892, one of the two-storeyed houses of the complex housed the town’s administrative board and the men’s parochial vocational school and, starting from 1900, a library. The neighbouring building with a wooden watchtower was occupied officers of the fire service. It was used to store housewares and materials. By 1880, a wooden watchtower was built above the fireguard premises. In 1900, the third building was occupied by women’s parochial vocational school. In 1903, a stone addition was built to the building of the administrative board of the town for officers of the fire service. The second floor was added to this building, which was rented to the local committee for patronage over people’s abstinence for holding the public lectures and other useful events. The building of the fire service was later transformed into a stable, and a cellar was added to it to store oats and housewares. As a result, in 1908, the complex consisted of two stone two-storeyed buildings and the building with the wooden watchtower. In the 1910s, the complex housed the primary vocational school. At the Soviet period, the building was used by the boarding school. At present, the building is used by Administration of the Sviyazhsk village settlement and certain public services of the island: a stronghold of police department, rural health post, post office, village library and automatic telephone station. Currently under consideration is their relocation from the building. On the initiative of citizens of Sviyazhsk, which was supported by First President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, the complex of buildings of the vocational school and the fire service will be used for the creation of the Russia’s first recreational centre, “Ostrovok” (Little Island) for children suffering from oncological and other serious diseases. To attract sponsor aid for the repair and restoration work, a special charitable fund was established named “Ostrov” (Island). The Board of Trustees of the Fund is headed by Vladislav Tretyak, a legendary Soviet sportsman and President of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia.

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