The Assumption Church

The Assumption church, built in 1732 - 1734, is the only survived cult building out of the buildings of the monastery of the same name that existed here. The temple was built with the funds of Ivan Mikhlyayev, a Kazan merchant, while its bell-tower was erected with the funds of the parish. In 1841, the bell-tower was dismantled. In 1862, the currently existing one was built. When building the foundation of the church, the builders used the stones from the ruins of the Bolgar monuments. In the basement section of the church there are the Bolgar sepulchral monuments with Arabic and Armenian tomb stones that have a great scientific importance. The church was built in the provincial baroque style and belongs to the “octagonal structure on octagonal structure” type hat was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. The main parts of the temple, its main volume with the semi-circular absis, the refectory and the bell-tower are situated along the same axis, as a nave. The Assumption church has simple proportions of a massive, close to the cube, main volume and the quadrangular frame, that resemble the Middle-Asian structures, and a modest decoration. The main elements of the architectural decoration are the cornice and the framing of the windows with half-columns and the figured fascia with stepped pattern. The builders stuck to the principle of artistic solidity with account for the compositional arrangement of the already existing structures: the building of the mosque with a minaret and mausoleums. In 1965, 1977, 1982-1983, the restoration work was done in the church. In 2010 – 2011, the foundation was reinforced; the new stone flooring was installed, as well as the new roofing; the window frames, the heating- and power-supply systems were substituted with the new ones. The fire alarm system and video monitoring system were installed. Currently underway is the work for the creation of the exposition dedicated to the history of the village of Bolgary and the Spassky District.

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