The Assumption Monastery

The Sviyazhsk Bogoroditse-Uspensky (Dormition of the Theotocos) Monastery was founded virtually at the same time when Sviyazhsk itself was founded. Since it was to become a missionary centre, the mission of which was to bring the peoples of the conquered lands to Orthodox Christianity, Ivan the Terrible sent here his best masters: the Pskov architects Postnik Yakovlev and Ivan Shiryay, famous for their Pokrovsky (Intercession of the Holy Virgin) Cathedral, or St. Basil’s Cathedral, as people call it more often, on the Red Square of Moscow, which became one of the symbols of Russia. The same masters erected the Nikolskaya (St. Nicholas) church and the Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral in Sviyazhsk, which had long been the only stone structures in the wooden fortress of Sviyazhsk. Later, in the 18th - 20th centuries, as the area of the monastery was growing, its ensemble got richer with the other structures. At the Soviet period, the complex of the monastery was used by the Correctional Labour Colony No. 5, which was substituted by the branch of the Republic’s psychoneurologic dispensary that existed until the late 1980s, when the temples were given back to believers.

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